We are very proud of the way we do business and it's great when we hear that our customers like it too!

Please read customer comments below and also see links underneath to specific liveaboard testimonials...

Steve Wells, June 2017:
"In a world where it's fashionable to complain about things I feel we should also take the time to compliment the good things.

Myself and a party of seven friends have just returned from a Project Shark trip aboard M/Y Red Sea Adventurer.

I have to say the crew and guideds on the trip were exceptional. Our lead guide was Elke supported by Ramadan and Midge. In partiular Elke and Midge were fantastic; professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, constantly interacting with guests and making us feel welcome and part of the team. You should be very proud of these people. Please pass on my sincere thanks and good wishes."

Raynor Manuel, November 2016:
"I am writing to you to let you know how excellent your two dive guides Luke Vaughn and Hannah Hancock are. It has been my pleasure to have spent the last week with them on M/Y blue Horizon on the Simply the Best itinerary and I can say that the two of them worked tirelessly and very well together. I have previously been with Luke on M/Y blue Fin and Hannah on M/Y Red Sea Adventurer and M/Y blue Fin, and again they worked so well. They are both very professional underwater as well as out of the water; they are always very approachable and pleasant to be around. I very much look forward to my next trip with them."

Ian Boddy, November 2016:
"I have just come off M/Y blue Melody following the Project Shark: Simply the Best itinerary and wanted to say what a fantastic trip we had. It's always hit and miss what you see when diving but the essentials can be provided by fantastic organisation. Starting with the crew 5* Captain Mohammed 5* for giving us two days on Daedalus and two on Brothers. Chef and kitchen team 5* for the best food ever. Elke and Abdu 5* for teaching us more about sharks than we thought possible and guiding us to mantas, silkies, threshers, oceanics, dolphins, grey reefs, white tips, turtles and more. The ground crew and especially Amara for getting us home without a passport and keeping us calm throughout 5* "

Timothy Milton, June 2016:
"I spent last week aboard M/Y blue Fin, originally with 4 friends but by the end of the trip, quite a few more! We did the Northern Red Sea and Brothers Itinerary. From the moment we were met at the airport by Fefe, until she collected us from the Marriott, the organisation was seamless.

Food and Hospitality: Samir and Hamdi should be in the Egyptian Olympic smiling team! They take so much pride in what they do and so they should. I am sorry I have forgotten the Chef's name; what he achieves in a kitchen the size of a small bathroom is astonishing including a roast turkey on the last night. Our cabin was attended to every day and I could not fault the standard of cleanliness. The duvet sculptures were brilliant!

Crew: I sometimes watched the boys zooming off in the Zodiacs and observed the efforts they made to secure the lines safely, repeatedly diving down to locate tying up points. Incredible fitness level required and they are all so obviously expert at what they do. Before and after dives they were, without exception, ready to help and were all very friendly and charming. I want to make special mention of the Engineer. A quiet man but without whom none of it would be possible. He went about the gas-filling in a very efficient way and was very quick to respond to technical issues.

Captain: Calm authority personified and a very pleasant man. I felt we were in safe hands the whole time (and we did have a couple of rough bits…but not that bad!).

The Dive Team: Ahmed and Chrissie. I have almost exhausted superlatives to use for these two. Such contrasting characters but such a brilliant team. They really do work very well together. Both of them are obviously great divers and both are completely unflappable. I personally had equipment issues and I know others did too. My first stage was disassembled and reassembled. Others had bits of gear quietly loaned. I also want to make mention of the impressive medicine/first aid provision on board which was explained very clearly and which was more than useful to a few of us! Briefings were masterful. I particularly liked the historical backgrounds given in respect of the wrecks. Briefing humour of the week? 6.45 am, Thursday. Ahmed: " this site is called Sha'ab el Erg. Sometimes we see dolphins here" whereupon a fin breaks the surface at the side of the boat. Cue for several divers to jump up to go. Ahmed to divers : "not I until I have finished my briefing"!

So I'd like to thank you all very much for a truly memorable week. I shall not hesitate to recommend your live-aboard trips and I fully intend to return."

Darren Glanville, May 2016:
"Without exception, every member of your staff were absolutely excellent, always cleaning, always catering for our every need. The food was exceptional; I didn't think you would be able to meet the high standards set on our trip on blue Horizon a year ago as it was so good - this trip was even better so I would like you to kindly pass on mine and my sons gratitude to all the staff for making our liveaboard on blue Horizon one we will always remember. I would, of course, like to also especially thank your dive guide Ahmed Hamed for achieving the very best dives possible in what were very challenging conditions due to the high winds. His thoughts were always to achieve the best dives, always managing to offer options for all divers. He is a credit to your company."

Jock McGorry, October 2012:
"Thank you so much for all your assistance with this booking. If the assistance you and your colleagues have provided is anything to go by, we should have a great time on holiday as the service so far has been exemplary."

Louise Kiyani, October 2012 (taken from a group email):
"This Atol certificate was forwarded to me yesterday from blue o two. Ordinarily, in my experience, this is kept by the operators and they are the first company of many that I have dealt with who has actually sent this to me.

It is reassuring that blue o two have gone the extra mile and provided this, giving us all peace of mind during our trip knowing that (in the unlikely event of the company going bust...) our holiday is safe and we are all protected financially.

All my dealings with the company have been impressive in terms or organisation, efficiency and professionalism. Every member of their team has been very friendly and helpful in every way with all our booking requests.

Based on this, if the rest of the trip follows these impressive standards, I'd say we are in for a great trip folks!"

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