Philippines Liveaboards

The second-largest archipelago in the world, with over 7000 tropical islands, the Philippines is one of the great treasures of Southeast Asia. It is a place of natural wonders - a string of coral-fringed islands strewn across the western Pacific; its tropical climate makes it rich in natural resources and therefore biodiversity.

In the Philippines we are proud to work with the beautiful S/Y Philippine Siren. This luxury liveaboard will take you to explore many remote islands and fantastic coral reefs away from the daily diving crowds.


Below sea level, the Philippines boasts some of the world's best diving and snorkelling. The 7000 coral-fringed islands are surrounded by deep blue seas that contain some of the richest marine life on Earth. Thought by many to be the apex of the coral triangle, diving in the Philippines offers you a wide variety of marine environments to choose from. Dives on steep walls and offshore pinnacles, critter hunting in coastal reefs, wreck diving a sunken Japanese fleet and the opportunity to get up close to the World's largest fish - the whale shark. We offer four distinct itineraries (with varying lengths) to the islands and dive sites of the Philippines that will whet the appetite of even the most seasoned diver.

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