Maldives Liveaboards

Maldives liveaboard diving allows you to experience the true wonder of the underwater atolls in the Indian Ocean. We are proud to offer two different blue o two fleet vessels M/Y blue Voyager amd M/V Sea Spirit to bring you to some of the best dive sites in the Maldives. In addition, we can also offer Maldives liveaboard holidays on board M/V Sachika and M/Y Ocean Sapphire to accommodate all scheduling needs.

Diving in the Maldives...

This stunning group of atolls is host to an underwater paradise brimming with marine wildlife. Located south west of Sri Lanka in the warm, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are made up of over 1200 tiny, low-lying coral islands surrounded by white sand. The abundance of marine life in the Maldives can be attributed to the ideal growing conditions the waters provide for coral reefs. These coral reefs are home to more than 700 species of fish, many of which are sadly endangered.

The Maldives is tropical all year round and water temperatures range from 27°C to 29°C. Divers have the opportunity to see a huge range of beautiful hard and soft corals as well as the famous manta rays, whale sharks, sharks, turtles, barracudas, jacks and tuna.

Experience the first class diving in this unique underwater world onboard our very own fleet vessels M/Y blue Voyager and M/V Sea Spirit, you may never want to leave!

Holiday extensions...

The location of this world-famous diving destination makes it the ideal candidate for holiday extensions. What better way to relax and unwind after an action-packed liveaboard holiday, exploring the underwater playground of the Maldives, than by checking in to one of the many luxurious resorts. Soak up the rays and reminisce about your incredible sightings on the white sandy beaches the islands in this region provide.

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Alternatively, why not take this opportunity to explore neighbouring Sri Lanka. Filled with cultural and natural treasures, the island encompasses magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, ancient art and architecture.

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