Service Personnel


Get your unit involved in one of the fastest growing adventure sports in the world; with help from the experts - a team of ex-army diving specialists who already deal with many military units.

In the last 6 years we have helped over 200 military diving expeditions get off the ground all over the world. With our military experience we can offer you specialised advice to help you and 'the boys' become fully qualified divers or advance your current diving qualifications.

What's included in your Expedition?

- blue o two representative to accompany every expedition
- Return flights to and from your chosen destination - unless otherwise arranged
- Accommodation for the duration of the expedition on board your chosen chartered boat; or hotel if undertaking a shore based expedition
- All food, water, tea & coffee for the duration of the safari; full board accommodation for shore based expeditions
- Unlimited diving (based on joint services regulations) 10/12 dives for shore based options
- Tanks & Weights
- Dive Guide
- Instruction if required

We can also help in the following areas:

- Post Expedition Reports/Pictures
- Help with obtaining an Advanced Diver
- Diving Equipment
- BSAC/PADI Instructors

Our specially appointed team are happy to work with you one-to-one to ensure that the military expedition process runs smoothly for you. Contact us now and you can have a detailed itinerary planned within days.

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