Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the jewel of the Indian Ocean, was proclaimed by Marco Polo to be amongst the finest islands on earth.

Filled with cultural and natural treasures, the island encompasses magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife and ancient art and architecture. Over 1,300 km of beach surround the island, from established tourist destinations of the southern coast to the less-visited beaches of the north and east.

Sri Lanka is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Six of these are testament to a civilization with over 2,000 years of recorded history while a seventh natural site boasts some of the highest biodiversity in the world. These sites showcase the island's rich history and contribution to civilization. The largest of these sites are located in the 'cultural triangle', an area that links the ancient capitals of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy.


With its exciting cultural past, Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) has a rich maritime history. According to historical records it is estimated that there are over 200 shipwrecks around the coast of Sri Lanka. Five hundred years of trade, commerce, conflict and war from the times of the Portuguese, Dutch and the British resulted in vast amount of shipping traffic around the coast, ensuring a diverse selection and large number of wrecks. Without a doubt the main attraction of diving in Sri lanka is the WWII wreck of HMS Hermes. Lying in 45-58m of water, 8km off the coast of Batticaloa, the wreck has been off-limits to divers unless accompanied by the Sri Lankan navy. But now, more than 60 years after sinking, the area has been opened to tourism and the HMS Hermes has finally become available for technically trained divers to explore.

Land-based attractions…

The Island of Sri Lanka is a small island containing as many variations of culture, scenery, and climate as some countries a dozen times its size. Filled with cultural and natural treasures, the island encompasses, magnificent landscapes, beautiful tropical beaches, an abundance of wildlife, breath taking views, ancient art and architecture. With 12 National Parks and 52 Sanctuaries, the island of Sri Lanka is one of the most biologically diverse countries in Asia. A safari offers the chance to see some of Sri Lanka's 92 mammals, of which 16 are endemic.

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