South Africa

Occupying the southernmost tip of the African Continent, South Africa is a country of varied landscapes, expansive coastlines, rich cultural heritage and a top choice of destination for water sports enthusiasts.

With a long coastline that spans more than 2,500 km, South Africa's shoreline includes the South Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Indian Ocean in the east. The country's topography is characterised by variety: from dry and arid deserts, to the more Mediterranean style climate in the south-western corner, to the vast mountain ranges that rise in both the east and the west, and the well-watered eastern coastline which boasts lush, green vegetation.


Diving in South Africa resembles the very fabric of the country itself, varied and diverse. The Atlantic Ocean in the west is home to temperate rocky reefs, while the northeast boasts tropical reefs. Thriving coral reefs and atolls can be found in the Indian Ocean in the east, with warmer waters home to a variety of tropical fish.

Divers with a thirst for adventure will delight at the potential for exciting marine life encounters in South Africa. Thrill seekers can test their nerve by cage diving with great white sharks in the Dyer Island Group, to the east of Cape Town. Home to a massive Cape fur seal colony, a great white shark favourite, the sharks are attracted to the rich feeding grounds in the area.

South Africa is also home to the great sardine run, which takes place annually between May and July. During this time, billions of sardines congregate in their spawning ground off of Agulhas Bank, then proceed on their annual migration up the eastern seaboard, hugging the South African coast. The flurry of activity attracts a great many predators to the area, including sharks, dolphins and other pelagic species, and is a once in a life time diving experience.

Land based attractions…

With the variable terrain and impressive sight to be seen, there are plenty of land based attractions in South Africa.

When thinking of trips to South Africa, the image of wild animals, expanses of safari land and 4x4 Jeeps hurtling across the landscape often springs to mind. For adventure seekers, we offer 2 and 3 day safari game viewing tours, combined with spectacular diving excursions. The combination of the two safaris is an ideal showcase of the impressive wildlife in South Africa, alongside the fantastic diving and marine animals that call this beautiful part of the world home.

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