French Polynesia

French Polynesia, with its towering green peaks and vivid turquoise lagoons is an idyllic location to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm hospitality.

Known for its stretching white, black and pink sand beaches, the true wonders of French Polynesia are the vast lagoons. With many of the high islands framed by a reef, a natural and protected swimming pool is created, reflecting the most intense blues and aquamarines imaginable. The French Polynesian coral atolls are equally superb, boasting the same calibre of beauty. Fish, dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles and more call these clear-water coral gardens home. Equally popular with divers as they are with snorkellers, these coral lagoons are truly a little piece of paradise.

Just the thought of French Polynesia brings to mind images of dancers in grass skirts, hibiscus flowers, and warm humid winds gently rustling palm trees grazing the turquoise waters. While the ancient tales from explorers who had reached these far-off lands included imagery of a simple life, fertile lands, and bountiful riches, the modern day French Polynesia retains these dreamlike ideals. The trees are still laden with fruit, the mountains rise as majestically as ever and the lagoons are just as blue. But the ideal paradise has been interspersed with the modern day world, with highways criss-crossing the green mountain tops and the notoriously hospitable French Polynesians embracing visitors from around the globe.


Scuba diving in French Polynesia is sure to leave seasoned and novice divers alike with unforgettable diving memories.

The clear, calm waters of the lagoons to the drift diving available in the Tuamotu atolls' passes ensures a dive for every diver in French Polynesia. Common sightings include a vast range of marine species, from pelagics to schools of jackfish or baraccudas, from dolphins to humpback whales. Come diving in French Polynesia and leave with stories to last a lifetime. We are absolutely delighted to offer liveaboards in French Polynesia on board the M/V French Polynesia Master.

Land based attractions...

The stunning natural topography of French Polynesia make it ideal for a plethora of beautiful land based attractions. Make the most of your French Polynesia diving holiday by adding a land-based extension to your holiday, and explore the natural beauty of this island paradise.

Tahiti is home to some of the world's most spectacular waterfalls. 4x4 tours to the various waterfalls in Tahiti ensure maximum exposure to these natural wonders.

French Polynesia's rich cultural heritage also lends itself perfectly to exploration. Dive into the islands history at the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands and learn more about French Polynesia's anthropology and artifacts.

Whatever your desires in French Polynesia may be, from land based explorations to underwater diving marvels, this truly is a must see destination. Learn more about the incredible French Polynesia diving itineraries we have to offer here >>>

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