At blue o two, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service in every destination that we offer. This means that we do not rush into offering every diving destination under the sun, but take the time to make sure we find the best products and suppliers, and set up our own operations with staff that we trust before offering our services to you.

Therefore, when you book a diving holiday with us you can be sure that you are getting blue o two quality all the way!

We have perfected the diving holidays that we offer in Egypt and are excited to be able to offer the following world-class diving destinations:

Red Sea...

1: Egypt
2: Sudan

Indian Ocean...

3: Maldives
4: Sri Lanka

Far East...

5: Thailand and Burma
6: Indonesia
7: Philippines


8: Palau
9: Micronesia (Truk Lagoon & Bikini Atoll)
10: Fiji
11: French Polynesia
12. Galapagos & Ecuador
13: Mexico


14: The Bahamas

Indian / Atlantic...

15: South Africa