Specialist itineraries

Here at blue o two, we are proud to offer you a wide variety of specialist itineraries to cater to a range of interests. Create images you can be proud of on our 'In Focus' photography workshops hosted by Saeed Rashid of Focus Visuals, explore deeper for longer on our 'Tekstreme' itinerary or if you would like a week of all things shark related, then our 'Project Shark' itineraries are the trips for you. Want to learn more about the dive sites and marine environment you are visiting or want to help conserve these beautiful underwater locations, then why not join us on our 'HAYAH' Red Sea itinerary.

'In Focus' Photography Workshops...

blue o two are pleased to offer you EXCLUSIVE LIVEABOARD PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKSHOPS hosted by Saeed Rashid.

A lecturer at Bournemouth University and popular speaker at UK dive shows, Saeed will guide you through the underwater photography process from start to finish. He will not only help you to develop your skills to spot and frame your subject to its full potential underwater, but also show you how to polish your images using a variety of simple postproduction techniques when back onboard.

Over the course of the liveaboard week, there is plenty of time to learn new skills and the warm, clear waters of the Red Sea provide the perfect environment to practice! You don't even need to own a camera to get involved - you can hire all equipment from blue o two!

View our range of 'In Focus' itineraries here…

In Focus: Red Sea North

In Focus: Red Sea South

In Focus: Red Sea Deep South

In Focus Indonesia 2017: Bangka & Lembeh

Upcoming trips...

9th - 16th June 2017 'In Focus: Red Sea North' £1099

29th June - 10th July 2017 'In Focus Indonesia 2017: Bangka & Lembeh' £3299

8th - 15th September 2017 'In Focus: Red Sea Deep South' £1199

'Tekstreme' Technical Itinerary...

We are pleased to offer the brand new Tekstreme itinerary; North Red Sea by Tekstreme Diving.

'North Red Sea by Tekstreme Diving'

Technical diving is fast becoming a popular extreme sport with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer and see that little bit more in a safe way. Join blue o two with Tekstreme and travel along stunning walls, through deep wrecks and into silent canyons that are teeming with marine life; that's the incredible journey and adventure offered to you with Tekstreme. Begun in 1997 as a TDI facility, Tekstreme Diving has grown substantially over the years and is now one of the only active BSAC technical training facilities in Egypt. In 2011 it was awarded the PADI TecRec Centre rating and in 2012 became a representative for the ever growing technical services offered by SSI from entry level through to Instructor trainer levels. From entry level divers to expedition divers, OC or CCR, Tekstreme Diving provides a custom service for all the technical diving community with no compromises made.

North Red Sea by Tekstreme Diving >>>

Upcoming trips...

3rd - 10th March 2017 'North Red Sea by Tekstreme Diving' £1115

'Project Shark' Itineraries...

The aim of 'Project Shark' is to highlight the global issues facing sharks as well as enjoying some of the most spectacular dive sites in the world! Our 'Project Shark' itineraries are now available in the Red Sea, Maldives and Galapagos, with our host Elke Bojanowski (founder of The Red Sea Sharks Trust).

- Learn about the biology and behaviour of sharks in the Red Sea, Maldives or Galapagos
- Learn and develop skills in marine biological studies; collecting data and species identification
- Learn about globally endangered marine species and what we can do as divers to ensure their protection
- Enjoy fantastic diving on some of the most unique dive sites in the world
- Experience potential close encounters with sharks, manta rays and whale sharks

View our range of 'Project Shark' itineraries here…

Project Shark: Brothers & Elphinstone (Red Sea)

Project Shark: Daedalus & St Johns (Red Sea)

Project Shark: Deep South (Red Sea)

Project Shark: Simply the Best (Red Sea)

Project Shark: Maldives

Project Shark: Galapagos

'HAYAH' Reef Clean-up Itinerary...

We are pleased to be running reef clean-up safaris in the North of the stunning Red Sea in support of marine conservation and HEPCA's 'HAYAH' campaign.

'HAYAH' meaning 'life' in Arabic, is HEPCA's most ambitious environmental project yet, aiming to involve all sections of the Red Sea community to work towards; raising awareness, education and responsibility and active participation.

As divers we recognise that our activity can have a negative effect on the marine environment and we feel it is our duty to minimise our impact as much as we can and reduce damage wherever possible. In short - we want to give something back to the beautiful oceans that we love!

If you feel the same way then you should join our HAYAH reef clean up safari - not only will you enjoy a week of fantastic liveaboard diving, you will have the opportunity to help clean the reefs and attend informal seminars to learn a little bit more about coral reefs and marine conservation!

'HAYAH' Reef Clean-up Itinerary >>>

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