Indonesia - the Underwater Garden

5th Apr 2017 (blue o two News)

Destination of the month: April

Sitting on the equator, Indonesia has one of the longest coastlines in the world, stretching between both the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This chain of volcanic islands are most well-known for their beautiful beaches, jungles, and breath-taking biodiversity with stunning marine life. Indonesia has a lot to give, so dive in and explore the best kept secrets of the water world…

Raja Ampat, in West Paua province, is arguably one of the most beautiful island chains in Indonesia, with its never-ending white-sand beaches, hidden lagoons, turquoise waters and lush jungle scenery. Although these exotic islands are relatively unknown on the dive scene, they are nothing short of a tropical aquarium. Fish and sharks illuminate the clear waters in an array of colour, visible from above and beneath the surface.

Batanta Island is specifically known for muck diving, and with 4 dive sites to choose from you will be spoilt for choice! Rich volcanic sand and sediment teem with striking mimic octopus, inimicus, dragonets, snake eels and so much more. The steep, dense rainforest populates the islands with beautiful birds of paradise to catch a glimpse of, perfect for an inland excursion one relaxing afternoon.

The reefs of Pulau Wagmab and Pulau Farondi offer some of the most majestic underwater scenery in Raja Ampat. Giant trevally, tuna fish and sharks swim the coral reefs of Pulau Wagmab, sprouting lush sea whips, black coral bushes and gorgonian fans, some that span up to 4 metres! Pulau Farondi offers magnificent underwater tunnels, caverns and caves chipped with vivid coral walls such as 3 sites named, "The Three Sisters", where the marine life is nothing short of exceptional.

Explore the Neptune sea fans in the channel that runs between Pulau Wayilbatan and Wayil. Giant titan triggerfish, black snappers and batfish can be seen here darting amongst the coral. Black Rock and Hump Rock are two other dive sites that spoil divers with underhangs, crevices and soft corals that line the walls, perfect for wide angle photography in the crystal clear water.

Boasting the best visibility in Raja Ampat, green sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and neon fusiliers can be seen at Misool. Corals and sponges dominate these waters in an explosion of colours with shimmering pale lipped surgeon fish and black and white angel fish taking centre stage. The landscape of the dive site at Misool makes for the perfect opportunity to see nudibranchs, rabbit fish, yellow-tailed baraccuda and snapper.

Watch wobbegang sharks and octopus swim in and out of the coral at Pulau Gam. Yangeff contains Citrus Ridge, which is named for the beautiful citrus hues of coral over the reef. Sit on the ocean floor and enjoy watching the mantas visit the cleaning stations; the manta rays of Raja Ampat are distinctive because they are all black, instead of white underneath. Mansuar Island & Arborek local village also offer a beautiful sunset dive and walk around the tiny island.

The vessel…

Our Indonesian vessel is the beautiful S/Y Indo Siren, crafted in home waters and built by divers for divers, so you will find everything you need aboard our vessel. She welcomes 16 divers in three double and five twin cabins which are all fitted with air conditioning, computers, an entertainment system and en-suite bathrooms.

For a true taste of paradise why would you dive anywhere else?

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