M/Y blue Horizon

We can offer a number of extras onboard M/Y blue Horizon including cabin upgrades, equipment hire, gases and courses to help make sure you get the most out of your Red Sea holiday and add that extra special touch. Please see a full list of extras offered on M/Y blue Horizon below.

King Suite Upgrade - £150 ($200) per cabin/per week
Single Supplement - 60% of the full package price (or 80% of the boat only price) per cabin/per week
Select Cabin - £60 ($80) per cabin/per week

Last night hotel upgrades - Unless otherwise stated the last night of your safari will be spent on the vessel. We can offer last night hotel upgrades in both Hurghada and Marsa Alam, please ask our expert travel team for up to date prices.

Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid Egyptian Tourist Visa for your stay. We are able to prearrange this for most nationals if you are flying to HRG Hurghada, RMF Marsa Alam or CAI Cairo - please see below for the current rate. If you have any questions, please contact your local Egyptian Embassy for up-to-date advice.

You might find some more useful information on our FAQ's page >>>

Cabin supplements (above) and On Board Extras (below) have a base price in GBP and the price listed in USD is based on average exchange rates. If there is a substantial change in exchange rates over time, blue o two will update the pricing in USD.

Diving equipment & gases...

Equipment: Per Week £ Per Week $
Cylinder: 3lt pony £40 $55
Cylinder: 6lt or 10lt side slung - incl. carry str £40 $55
Cylinder:12lt twins - manifolded £80 $110
Cylinder: extra 12lt £30 $40
Kit: Mask £8 $10
Kit: Fins £15 $20
Kit: Booties £8 $10
Kit: Snorkel £5 $7
Kit: Weight belt £6 $8
Kit: BCD £45 $60
Kit: Regulator £45 $60
Kit: Wetsuit 5mm full length £45 $60
Kit: Complete set* £150 $200
Kit: Dive computer Suunto Viper or Aladin Prime (nitrox) £40 $55
Kit: DSMB & reel £15 $20
Kit: Torch LED £40 $55
Kit: V- weights for twin sets (by request only) £0 $0
Sidemount: 12l stage (with stage kit) £40 $55
Sidemount: Harness (Hollis SMS50) £70 $95
Sidemount: Kit package** £195 $260
Sidemount: Regulators £90 $120
Kit: Wetsuit 5mm shortie £35 $48
Cylinder: Upgrade to 15lt Steel or Aluminium £45 $60
Sidemount: 12l left handed cylinder £50 $65
*Includes: Wetsuit, BCD, Regulator, Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins, Weight belt, DSMB & reel (excludes computer & torch). **Includes: Regulators, harness (Hollis) & 12l stage (with stage kit). PLEASE NOTE: Equipment must be pre-booked to avoid disappointment.
Nitrox: Per Week £ Per Week $
Per fill - single cylinder £5
Per fill - twins £10
Unlimited Nitrox twin cylinders £90 $125
Unlimited Nitrox single cylinder £70 $95
Nitrox is available on all blue o two vessels.
Rebreather: Per Week £ Per Week $
6Ltr (40 cu ft) Stage Cylinders with rigging kits £65 $85
Cylinder: 5lt Hollis Explorer £60 $80
3Ltr Megalodon cylinders (request only) TBC TBC
Sofnolime per kilo £10
O2 fill (inc. diluent fill: air or nitrox > 36%) £10
O2 Top Off (over 125 bars) (inc. diluent fill: air) £7
O2 Rebreather Fill Package £70* $95*
Cylinder: set of 2lt or 3lt Buddy Inspiration £65 $85
*Includes all O2 fills and diluent fills (air or nitrox up to 32%) for rebreather divers.
Photography: Per Week £ Per Week $
Digital camera £60 $80
Digital camera when combined with a Digital Underwater Photography Course £40 $55

Batteries: Per pack
Batteries AA - Pack of 4 £5.00
Batteries AAA - Pack of 4 £4.00
Batteries C - pack of 2 £4.00
Batteries D - Pack of 2 £4.00
It is advised that batteries are pre-ordered but are payable on board.

Diver training...

PADI Courses: Cost Cert Fee Materials
PADI Advanced Open Water £175 £30* £30
PADI Nitrox (EANx) £100 £30* £25
PADI Scuba Review Tune Up £35 - -
Speciality: Wreck Diver £130 £30* £20
Speciality: Digital Underwater Photography £110 £30* £25
Speciality: Peak Performance Buoyancy £110 £30* £20
Speciality: Drift Diver £110 £30* £20
Speciality: Night Diver £120 £30* £20
Speciality: Project AWARE £100 £30 Please download your manual here
Speciality: Underwater Naturalist £110 £30* £20
Speciality: AWARE Coral Reef Conservation £100 £30 Please download your manual here
Speciality: AWARE Fish ID £110 £30 £20
Speciality: Search & Recovery £130 £30* £20
Speciality: Underwater Navigator £120 £30* £20
Speciality: Underwater Videographer £120 £30 £20
PADI Deep Diver £130 £30* £20
Speciality: Sidemount Diver (Recreational)*** £120 £30 -
Technical Diving courses**
Speciality: AWARE Shark Conservation^ £100 £30* Please download your manual here
Speciality: AWARE Shark Conservation^ (when onboard a 'Project Shark' week) £50 £30* Please download your manual here
Other speciality courses available - please ask our Expert Travel Team for more details. *Certificate (PIC) must be bought with materials if purchasing in resort. If you are bringing your own manual you MUST also bring your own certificate form to be completed in resort. **Laptop is required for use with training materials. For technical diving course prices please visit www.blueotwo.com/Technical-Diving. ***Price excludes equipment hire. ^Subject to availability - please prebook. A contribution of the profit raised will go to Red Sea Sharks.
SSI Courses: Cost Cert Fee Materials
Advanced Adventurer (2 days/5 dives) £165 £5 £35
Boat Diving £110 £5 £35
Deep Diving £130 £5 £35
Digital UW Photographer £110 £5 £35
Equipment Techniques £120 £5 £35
Night & Limited Visibility £120 £5 £35
Nitrox (EAN) £100 £5 £35
Perfect Buoyancy Diver £110 £5 £35
Recreational Sidemount £120 £5 £35
Diver Stress & Rescue £130 £5 £35
Navigation £120 £5 £35
Waves, Tides & Current £110 £5 £35
Wreck Diving £130 £5 £35
Manuals need to be pre-paid and will be sent to you in a digital format. Certification must be paid for locally. For technical diving course prices please visit www.blueotwo.com/Technical-Diving. Prices exclude equipment hire.

Onboard drinks list...

Wine: Per Glass Per Bottle
Red - per bottle £14 £20
White - per bottle £14 £20
Please feel free to bring duty free onboard.
Drinks: Per Can
Sakara Gold £2.50
Please feel free to bring duty free onboard.
Mixers: Per Can
Schweppes Tonic Water 60p
Schweppes Soda 60p
Schweppes Lemon 60p
Please feel free to bring your own mixers onboard.

Other services...

Services: Per Week
HRG Visa - Meet, greet & assist* £30**
Private dive guide hire £350
Private technical dive guide hire £400
*We are able to pre-arrange a visa upon arrival for most nationals, in the HRG, RMF and CAI airports. Please visit the Egyptian Consulate website for current visa eligibility including visa upon arrival. **Please note the price might vary due to the USD exchange rate at the time of booking.
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