You can now discover the beauty of the Sudanese Red Sea in comfort and safety with blue o two.

Sudan is the largest, yet one of the least visited, countries in Africa. Various ongoing conflicts mean much of this vast nation remains off limits, although travel is possible in the northeast and in parts of the south. And while the solitude is a top draw, visitors invariably agree that the Sudanese are among the friendliest and most hospitable people on earth, with a natural generosity that belies their poverty; this alone makes any trip worthwhile.

Due to the ongoing conflicts on land, we currently only offer liveaboard holidays in Sudan and not land based trips.

Diving in Sudan...

To date, there are very few liveaboards operating in this region, meaning the dive sites have remained beautifully pristine and divers are able to explore them in practical solitude.

Sudan is well known for a rich diversity of marine life; not only are the coral reefs untouched, you can also see huge numbers of schooling fish along with barracuda, tuna, moral eels and sea turtles to name just a few. Large pelagics such as hammerheads, tiger sharks, reef sharks and mantas are also common. Aside from the abundance of stunning marine life, the Sudanese waters are also home to the WW2 wreck 'The Umbria' and Cousteau's 'Conshelf II' making Sudan the perfect destination for any diver looking for a real adventure.

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